Life and Health Insurance

Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act has made things more complex than ever before.  With the new regulations and tax credits there are many factors that go into choosing the right plan. Helping people save money is my passion, so I will always search to find the cheapest option.   I want to show you your options and help you pick the best plan.   I work through Your Health Idaho, as well as through the individual carriers including their “off exchange” plans to give you more than just 1 option.  Also, I can help you with dental and vision insurance.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is financial protection for your family and loved ones in case you die.  When it comes to Life Insurance, I suggest Term Life Insurance.   It is not just a little bit cheaper, but A LOT cheaper than Whole Life or Universal Life Insurance.   My philosophy is that life insurance is very important for you to have when you are in your working years and have people that depend on you for your income.   By the time you reach retirement, you shouldn’t really need life insurance anymore, as you should be “self insured”.    This means you should have enough money stashed away in a retirement account to cover burial costs, spouses living expenses and any debts you may have.    This is why I suggest term life insurance, and I work with many different companies to find you the best price.    If you don’t have coverage, you would probably be surprised at how cheap it is.  If you do have coverage, I always suggest people to at least get a quote to see if they are overpaying for their current coverage.