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Do You Ever Worry About…

  •  Getting high enough returns on investments?
  • Maintaining your standard of living at retirement?
  • Affording high quality education for children?
  • The next market crash?
  • The next market boom?
  • Missing out on the latest, greatest stock tip?
  • Making sense of all the information available?
  • Someone else having a better portfolio than you?
  • Not having money to care for your loved ones?
  • Getting bad advice and, worse yet, paying for it?
  • Buying high and selling low?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could be trapped in the Investors’ Dilemma. Each of these questions simply represents a symptom of a much larger problem—what I call the Investors’ Dilemma. Once you understand the phases of this cycle and what happens to your investments as a result, you will gain a whole new perspective on investing.

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