About Us

Preferred Retirement Options, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor offering independent investment advice to individual investors and businesses.  We are located in Idaho Falls, ID, and are registered in in the states of Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada.  We have clients spread throughout the United States and can work with people in any state.  We provide ongoing investor education classes designed to offer each client a foundation of investment principles and provide peace of mind regarding their investments.

We are avid supporters of free markets and believe strongly that capitalism not only increases wealth for everyone, it enhances our personal freedoms.  Ironically, both Wall Street and the government attack the free market system daily.  Wall Street believes the free market to be inefficient and seeks to exploit the belief through questionable investing techniques like selective stock picking, market timing and chasing past returns.

Investing can be complicated.  Often investors receive conflicting messages that can leave them frustrated, upset, and powerless.  We are committed to telling investors the truth about investing and helping them overcome the barrage of information that they receive from the financial industry and the media.

We utilize Free Market Investment Strategies based on Nobel Prize-winning economic theories.  This disciplined approach to lifetime investing provides the investor with the academic foundation upon which to achieve peace of mind regarding investments.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Preferred Retirement Options, Inc. An Idaho State Registered Investment Advisor, 3456 E. 17th St. Suite 260, Ammon, ID 83406.