Category: Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance: Do You Need It?

    Life insurance is a way to protect your loved ones financially if and when you pass away. If any of the following are true in your current situation, then you should consider getting or increasing your life insurance coverage. You are married and you spouse depends on your income You have children or other family […]

  • Why you Need Disability Insurance

    As I grow older and now that I have a child, I am becoming more aware of the importance of insurance, and especially disability insurance. It is not a very talked about thing, in fact, I had never really heard of it until a few years ago.  So here is a good Google definition of […]

  • Life Insurance 101

    The subject of life insurance may not sound all that exciting, but it is an extreme benefit to those who have it.    A lot of people think that since the concept of life insurance is simple, the products are simple as well.  That is not true at all, especially today where there are so […]

  • What are the Hidden Fees associated with Annuities?

    It’s not that there’s anything wrong with an investor paying fees for certain investments in their portfolio, but when it comes to annuities the key is ‘transparency,’ notes the WSJ’s article on getting to the bottom of hidden annuity fees. What are some of the fees carried by a popular annuity choice among investors, namely […]

  • 5 Life Insurance Myths Busted

    Life insurance may not sound all that exciting, but when you do stop to think about life insurance and you, it’s not uncommon to assume that since the concept of life insurance is simple enough, so too are the products. It’s also fairly easy to rationalize the things you really don’t understand about life insurance, […]